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ANZUS, the East Gate, and the Alignment of the Nations – Nathan Shaw

God has a plan to bless the nations. The enemy has a plan to pre-empt chaos in the nations. It is not time for end-time chaos. One of the main ways the enemy brings chaos is by turning nations against Israel. God promised Abraham that his descendants would become a great nation. That promise was fulfilled in the nation of Israel. God made an additional promise to Abraham: The nations who blessed Israel would be blessed, but the nations who cursed Israel would be cursed (Genesis 12:1-3). The enemies plan is to turn nations against Israel. God’s plan is to turn nations toward Israel. God is working to bring the nations into alignment with His purposes.

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Word for New Zealand - Nathan Shaw

New Zealand is a prophetic forerunner nation. She has a strategic role to wake up the nations in preparation for Jesus' return. New Zealand will impart new zeal to the body of Christ worldwide. Like John the Baptist she will be “a voice of one crying in the wilderness.” John the Baptist's ministry was characterised by three prophetic cries.

  1. Behold the King!
  2. Behold the Lamb!
  3. Behold the Bridegroom!

New Zealand will release these same prophetic cries to the nations. She will have a prophetic authority disproportionate to her size.

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The Harvest and The Love Revolution - Nathan Shaw

Recently I keep hearing a prophetic declaration in the Spirit. "It's harvest time!" "It's harvest time!" The declaration has the intensity and urgency of a trumpet announcing something very important. As I hear this declaration I simultaneously see an angel blowing a trumpet. Jesus said that the harvest is the end of the age (Matthew 13:39). He was referring to a supernatural harvest of souls that would be added to God's kingdom. God announces His plans ahead of time so that we can be prepared, ready and alert.

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The Glory Angel

The author of Hebrews states plainly that angels are sent to serve those who inherit salvation (Hebrews 1:14). There are significant differences between angels and humans. One major difference is this: Humans have a dominion mandate over the earth, angels do not.

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Dominion Surge 2014/2015 – Ian Johnson

In a recent encounter I was shown a major move of God surging across New Zealand in 2014 and 2015. The key hotspots will be Auckland, Hastings, Timaru and Dunedin (although not exclusively as this surge will affect the whole nation). The surge is the opening of an ancient pathway and the release of an apostolic mantle that started in Jerusalem in 33AD and is about to return to Jerusalem from the ends of the earth. We can ride this surge and enjoy it or we can resist and still be carried into it.

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The Coming Glory Dream - Sue Nesbit

There were quite a few people standing on the platform waiting for the train. The style of dress was about 1800. The men looked very smart with suits, walking sticks, hats and bow ties. The ladies had full dresses, hats to match and little umbrellas with frills around the edge. I was standing there with them waiting for the train. Everyone was calm and pleasant.

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Seasons of Harvest - Nathan Shaw

God often speaks through natural events. There has been a lot of flooding throughout New Zealand in the last month (June 2015). New Zealand is a prophetic forerunner nation. Recently I keep hearing a prophetic announcement in the spirit declaring, "It's harvest time!" The announcement has the intensity of a trumpet sound. God announces things so that we can know the season and be ready for the season. Although the following article was originally written in 2005 it is as relevant for today as when it was first written.

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Sapphire Princess Dream - Darren Hight

This prophecy comes out of a dream I had in May, 2002. In this dream I was on George Street in Dunedin heading towards the Octagon from the north. As I got near the Octagon I saw that one of the large buildings was moving in a strange manner. Though other buildings around it were not moving, this one was rocking side to side, translating sideways a little. I was intrigued by this and went closer to investigate. To my deep surprise I found that this building was actually the hindquarters of a large ship which was docked in a berth that reached into the city. The ship was so long that its bow reached to the harbour, and so large that its hindquarters looked like the large buildings that stood beside it. In the dream it was next to the 10 George Street building and was just as large.

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Word for New Zealand - Rick Joyner

May 31, 2002

New Zealand is one of the great missionary nations on earth. If the size of a nation was based on the good it has done on the earth, New Zealand would be one of the largest nations on earth. In heaven, New Zealand is one of the most important nations, providing us with many leaders who are the true salt and light of the world.

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